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    Ads L810

    Do these speakers have good definition and how would you describe the bass? I have Polk Monitor 10 and they are about the same size and look similar and aren't really striking in anyway. The sound can get fairly muddy in mids and bass with some heavy music.

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    You just described the sound of Polk Monitors- Muddy!
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    I'd describe the L810's bass as clean and defined, just like the rest of the range. One of my all-time favorites.

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    I have a pair of mint ADS L710's with the metal cat proof grills. These went for $700 in 1978 which in today's money would be around 2K. They were considered high end in the day and sound better than any Polk I've heard.

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    I have to agree with everyone else...there is no Polk speaker that sound as good as the ADS L810. I would even extend that down to the ADS L300 for that matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Terrence the Terrible View Post
    I have to agree with everyone else...there is no Polk speaker that sound as good as the ADS L810. I would even extend that down to the ADS L300 for that matter.
    I was given a pair of L810's a few years ago. Since then I have purchased L300's and L500's. Each set has confirmed that the ADS brand can hold it's own. Far better than the Bose, Polk Audio and Boston Acoustic speakers I used prior to.

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    Until one of the tweeters blew my L300's paired with my Triad sub could hold their own against some of my bigger floorstanders. I picked up a pair of 810's earlier this year but the tweeters are dead. I'm sure at some point I will rehab them but I'm pretty set with speakers and so I'm in no hurry.

    I will have to give a little love though to the original Polk Monitor series. I have owned 10's,7's,5's and 4's. If they have the Peerless tweeters they are pretty good all around performers especially for Rock. Hearing "Dark Side of the Moon" with a Krell amp was a real ear opener.
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