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    Adding a center speaker to my 2.0 set up.

    I currently own a pair PSB G1's whose specifications are: Frequency Response: Lf Cutoff -10 dB, 32 Hz; (-6 dB) 38 - 23,000 Hz
    Sensitivity (1w (2.83V) @ 1m, IEC-filtered Pink Noise, C-weighted): Anechoic Chamber, 86 dB; Typical Listening Room, 88 dB
    Impedance: Nominal, 6 Ohms; Minimum, 4 Ohms
    Input Power (RMS,Clipping < 10% of the Time): Recommended, 15-200 Watts; Program, 100 Watts
    Crossover: 2,200 Hz, B3
    Internal Volume Design Type: 0.50 cu ft (14 liter)
    Dimensions: 8-1/2" wide, 15-3/8" high, 11-1/2" deep
    Weight: 18.5 lbs. each

    I have now the opportunity to add a center speaker. The model is the PSB VS300. It's stats are: Frequency Response: On Axis @ 0-degrees, +/-1.5dB, 75-18,000 Hz; On Axis @ 0-degrees, +/-3dB, 68-23,000 Hz; Lf Cutoff -10dB,52 Hz
    Sensitivity (1w (2.83V) @ 1m, IEC-filtered Pink Noise, C-weighted): Anechoic Chamber, 86 dB
    Impedance: Nominal, 6 Ohms; Minimum, 4 Ohms
    Input Power (RMS, Clipping < 10% of the Time): Recommended, 25-100 Watts; Program, 60 Watts
    Crossover: 2,500 Hz, B3
    Dimensions: 6-1/3" wide, 26-1/3" high, 5-1/3" deep
    Weight: 11 lb each

    It may not be my first choice, but I am able to get it for $189 as a Demo item down from $799.

    I am just wondering if they would sound good together. I know that they have the same impendance and that is important. But what about everything else? I noticed that the watts are not on par, with the GB 1's at a hundred and the VS300 at 60. Could I make a better choice for the money? What do you guys think?

    Was not really thinking about upgrading, but thought this may make my movie watching experience more exciting.

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    If you can't get a PSB GB center to match your GB=1's then go with some other PSB center channel like the Image C5 or C4. I took a look at the VS300 and it looks pretty small. What ever you do, stick with a PSB center to try and match the PSB house sound.

    Take a look at here for PSB specials for B-stock speakers that may have a small hidden blemish. The give huge discounts. I bought my PSB B6's from them.

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