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    Question 2 Ohms

    Does anyone own a pair or have heard of speakers that are rated 2 ohms since my dad said there are speakers that are only 2 ohms? I can say this that you can never hook a pair of these kind of speakers to a receiver that is rated 8 ohms since it will fry the amp. You can hook up 4 ohms speakers to a 8 ohms receiver but only 1 pair you can hook up.
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    Quite a few car speakers are 2 Ohms these days, especailly in "premium" sound systems.
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    I run my car subs at .5 ohms

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    They may well exsist but I've not heard of them. Dual 4ohm voice coils in a sub can be parelleled to achieve a 2ohm load. For that matter, any pair of 4ohm car-fi speakers can be wired that way to show the amp 2ohms and increase output (and distortion).

    I wouldn't recommend running 4ohm speakers on an amp that's only rated for 8ohms for long intervals or at high db levels as you're asking the amp to do something it wasn't designed for and can cause harm in the long run.

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    Apogee, Genesis. Thats why i bought my Krell

    Most general "commercial" speakers wont go below 8ohm. My Maggies go to 4 or 3.6, my VMPS go sometimes to 3.3ohm and the original Apogee was 1ohm.
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