Hello group, I am surprised that these current Mcintosh hi-end electronics are not even reviewable / commendable due to them not being found in the electronic search. I just acquired the pair and have been initially added to my tube amp (VTL MB 450s) driving either Krell Resolution or older Infinity IRS Beta mid/tweeter panels while I am changing out their passive crossovers.

The D150 is effectively a DAC, that I have initially added it to a Krell KRC-3 that had no digital inputs. By taking the fixed XLR outs to the single pair of XLR inputs of the KRC-3 pre, this system now has digital inputs.

Many super high end systems are analogue XLR and RCA input only (including another setup that has the Krell KRC-HR pre), thus at least to me this is a logical step if we don't want to obsolete these types of pre-amps.

my two cents... Mitch