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    Your Top 3 from Beat Happening

    Look Around [45 version]
    Indian Summer

    harder than I thought!


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    Ya know, Beat Happening is a band I should have been all over back in the day, but wasn't. Kinda missed out. I do like a lot of the music now, though. Always loved Luna's version of Indian Summer.

    But not to miss out on the beat happenings, I'll play with three (predictable) choices from the Beat (English Beat) cause I've been on kind of a Beat kick lately ...

    Mirror In The Bathroom
    Two Swords
    Save It For Later

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    Our Secret

    To be honest, it's the only song I have of theirs. It just happens to be on one of the Rhino retrospectives I picked up a couple of months ago.

    Kinda like Davey, not a band that ever made a blip on my radar screen back then. Unlike Davey, I've never gone back and corrected the situation. I missed a more than a few bands along the way.

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