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    Yo Davey- New WGC First Impression

    Only listened to this once last night- it's very good. Not as consistently good as Regard The End, but that one would be difficult to best anyway, for me. The arrangements are pretty densely textured, and Fisher's voice is, well, Fisher's voice- an Old Testament force of nature.

    Title track is a sprawling, 9 minutes + kick-ass opus that doesn't get any vocals until 3 minutes into it. Excellent tune.

    However, I will admit that the further along I listened to the cd, it started falling off some for me. Can't yet put my finger on what was going on, but it may have been a sense of a lack of emotional attachment in Fisher's vocals in the later tunes. O, and the cover of Ballad Of A Thin Man was just a bad idea, I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tentoze
    Only listened to this once last night- it's very good.
    Thanks for the word up, brother. Should have mine before much longer and hopefully it'll be interesting enough to make me wanna wax pathetic poetic about its grandeur. In the meantime, those Deadstring boys are keeping my Americana fuse burning.

    EDIT: Hey, got my copy today and checking it out right now. Beautiful opener with the trumpet and piano and violins. Nice.
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