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    yeah yeah yeah

    My quest for audio nirvana has been fulfilled. A friend has just sold me his Cryus CD7 player and Cyrus 8 amplifier for a seriously cheap price, just about 10% of what he originally paid about 4 years ago! Cyrus is a small UK specialist manufacturer who turns out some great hifi products, to those across the pond I think you would call their sound a typically European clean analytical sound.

    Anyway hooked it up this morning and had a listen to some Sparklehorse, Spoon, Greg Brown, Dada, and the Pixies. The sound is just awesome, itís the best sound Iíve ever heard in a home, and Iíve friends who have some good set-ups. It takes me back to when I used to go to hifi shows and used to come home disillusioned thinking I would junk what I had and start all over again. Along with the Rel subwoofer and Ruark speakers itís revitalised my CD collection, I guess youíve all been there a new piece of kit you re-discover everything. The bass is superb with a really wide and deep soundstage, but itís the openness and attack which has surprised me. I thought the speakers sounded good before but a little closed in, not now though, canít wait to get back home and have another listen.


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    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

    .....hey Mike - congrats on a decent score. Wishing you many great musical moons together. Well done.


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    One of my closest friends just finished building his Cyrus system..

    Cyrus CD6
    Cyrus 6vs integrated
    Cyrus PhonoX
    Technics SL1200
    Totem Arro speakers

    Sounds wonderful!

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    Here's the problem, I believe you.

    Don't know a blessed thing about Cyrus, which is probably a good indication that I can't afford it. I spent about 800 on my Jolida CDP and like it or not (not) that's probably going to be just about my upper limit.

    Wished I was heading to England so I could cruise by and give it a listen. Enjoy yourself.

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