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    Wilco..Wilco...Wilco loves me too!


    After several years of trying, unsuccessfully, to get Wilco tickets I finally scored a pair. They're pretty decent seats too. A little off to the side, but in the orchestra section and not bad at all for the venue.

    Like Swish said, it's turning into a good year for live music. We're seeing The Tea Party next week and then Wilco and Elbow in September. I might even go check out Donny and Marie when we're in Vegas.

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    Great score, FA! I hope you enjoy it. I was in awe. My wife, who WAS a mere casual fan, was mighty impressed with their show.

    BTW, we're trying to get tickets for Elvis Costello and the Imposters in Sept. Not a great year for us quantity-wise (never is), but if we see Elvis, then the quality should be one of our best.

    Oh, what happens in Vegas . . . well, you know the rest.

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