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    What the hell possessed me to get THIS?

    Ever have one of those moments when you open a new album or CD, put it on, and then quickly wonder why you bought it?

    I'm currently having one of those moments. Apparently, I ordered Vintage Chill, Volume 1. Spring through Columbia House and it arrived today. It's fine for background music (but I already had Kid A for that purpose), but back to something good to listen to for me.

    Anyone who wants it can have it.

    Looks like AMG liked it about as much as I do.

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    Chillout is some of the rankest bull**** electronic music I've heard, generally. It doesn't do a damn thing, which I guess is the point, but since I don't take X, if I want something that doesn't do a hell of a lot, but at least stimulates the senses, I'll reach for the friggin' "Chant" album. There are some subgenres of electronica I find hard to take--deep house, drum 'n bass, a lot of techno, and whatever you would call the sort of thing that people like Squarepusher do, but I can see the point in that stuff, which is dance-based. Chillout seems designed only to provide an aural nothingness when you're coming down from X. I don't know, the one time I tried that I had no interest in listening to anything other than something I'd reach for anyway. If there was a chillout rec that sampled something like Miles' Sketches Of Spain, then maybe I'd be halfway interested enough to give a listen. Otherwise, puh.

    I don't like others.

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    Don't think I know of any "chill out" music, which making me feel pretty good at the moment. Don't recognize a single band/"artist" on that comp. Again, I guess that does me proud.

    It was pretty funny to see "Music to Watch Girls By" covered on the final track. Don't know who did it originally but it's been covered by surf bands to Lounge Acts to Country music icons and probably a whole lot more.

    I get really lost in the electronic genre which given my preferences may seem kind of odd. I'm still not sure I know the difference between trance and techno which is probably holding up a comp I'd envisioned a long time ago. Too bad too since that will probably be the one to make my goal of getting 0 requests.

    Have a great weekend,
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    Yeah, that's funny. I have a story kind of like that, but in my case it's the fault of those yahoos at AMG! Back in 1998 a woman named Leila that had previously worked on the first two Bjork records released her own electronica record and it was very good and met with great reviews and I bought it and really liked it.....

    So fast forward about a year to later in 1999/2000 and we have all these internet discount coupons coming out of our ears and I'm ordering CDs left and right and I happen to see in AMG that Leila has a "new" album out called Love Story (and it still says the same thing til this day if you look at . So I hop on the bus, Gus, and order that baby up with one of my discount coupon codes and pretty soon I have this in my mailbox....

    Now I'm not the sharpest knife in the rack, but something is telling me that this isn't quite the same image as the last album cover was trying to project. Some of these artists are kinda wacky though, so I put my concerns aside and give it a listen. Woah, something is definitely wrong with this picture because coming out of my speakers are some smaltzy ballads hung on top of a glossy LA production. After further research I found that AMG was quite wrong and the folks at wherever I ordered it from just repeated the confusion. Same name, different person. Shoulda sent it right back but never got around to it

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    What was I thinking?

    Yeah, I've done that. Can't think of any examples, now, but unlike the stories that've been told, I usually end up liking most anything. Except house, deep house, shallow house, kiddie pool house, etc.

    The only difference is, I don't like some things as much as others. I mean, I used to get every Techno Trax compilation that came out, and totally dig 'em, but today, I'm not so sure I'd go back and ever listen to them again, except for the occasional track.

    You know, when I saw the title of this thread, I was sure you were going to bring up that Coaltar of the Deepers that I made you buy -- how did you end up liking those?
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