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    Quote Originally Posted by BradH
    I think VH was every bit as phony. Absolutely.

    Yor wae awff.

    Not in this town.

    I don't like others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindGoneHaywire

    Yor wae awff.
    Ha! Wouldn't be the first time.

    But let's see. One guy with his hands in his pants and the other pulling carnival stunts on the guitar. Oh yeah, and the music sucked. 70's teen marketed crap. Yeah, I know Zappa thought Eddie was great but he hired Vai and I never liked him either. Not that you're a Zappa fan or anything.

    But send a comp if you feel you must. Hell, throw in some Aerosmith and some Foghat with a can of silver Krylon. Maybe I'll write a review like the old days. I've got a ton of stuff sitting here that I've been meaning to send your way.

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    Van Halen was certainly into making money. That most certainly sways the sound that comes from any band provided that they intend on the shortcut to success. That said, some of their stuff rocks. Check out Girl Gone Bad on 1984. It's a Tour de Force. VH isn't going to make my top ten bands anytime soon, but there was some pretty crappy stuff being put out then. That is if rock was your passion. Pickings were slim. They were trying to carry the torch AND get filthy stinking rich. I think they achieved modest success on both accounts, but once again I'm not going to get VH tattooed on my arm or anything.

    P.S. The picture or chrysanthimum head almost made me fart I laughed so hard. Thanks.

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    Remind me of which band isnt into making money?
    Look & Listen

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    Ever heard of artists that are more focused on their music than appealing to the masses? Sure their interested in making a living, but the point of their music is musicianship and lyrical meaning as opposed to making music that is trendy only for money's sake. Certainly a major theme in the punk arena (anti-establishment/major record label almost to the point of self limitation). A contributing factor is also writer vs. producer driven music i.e. Backstreet Boys (assembled by a producer) vs. Bob Dylan (assembled by Bob Dylan).

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody
    It's not a value judgement, just a personal opinion thing...but, god do I hate Van Halen. I really don't know if there is another band out there that leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. Between Eddie's whiny guitar solos and David Lee Roth's spandex I don't know which is worse. I've never understood how these guys have so many fans.
    The reason is simple, if you were in your late teens, early 20's from around 77 thru the
    80's, and went to parties and wanted to Rock, VH was on the nights playlist. The
    songs are fun, sex, drugs, rock'n roll, thats what they were about, and of course,
    we ate it up. And no player has been ripped off/copied more that EVH. Think it was
    all about massive dive bombs, two hand tapping, think again, check out "Spanish Fly"
    "Ice Cream Man" and "Little Guitars" for some of the best acoustic work ever put
    on tape. I'm convinced some form of VH will be out in 07, and trust me, there loyal
    fans will be out in force. How often do you get to see a living legend
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