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    Talk to me about Gordon Giltrap

    I finally openned Gordon Giltrap Live At The BBC which I bought about five years ago when a local record shop went bankrupt. I'm loving this album, but I don't know anything about this guy. I went to his web site and people like Jimmy Page and Steve Howe rave about his technique.

    He's kind of a folksy progger. Reminds me of The Strawbs a bit. Most of this album is instrumental with a band.

    Which of his albums are worth trying out first? I suppose the Gordon Giltrap Band albums are most like this BBC CD which includes a band.

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    I only have his early LPs (71,73,74, 77, 78), but have read good things about his more recent things. So I can't say much specifically except that he's quite good... I'd be surprised if there's much in the way of crap or weak stuff. I haven't even seen any CD issues, but since he's still around I would expect there should be (older) stuff avail on CD? I've never used him on a comp myself simply because of "too much music... too little time"... LOL.

    I'd also put Paul Brett in a similar style. I think he's been around fairly recently still recording too, but I've been waiting to see his old material reissued... (Paul Brett Sage)... 7 or 8 LPs from 70-79.
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