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    Symphony X - Paradise Lost

    I think I'm probalby the only Symphony X fan here but whatever.

    Just picked this up - Paradise Lost is a very good disc from start to finish by this very capable prog-metal act.

    It's been awhile since they've released anything so I had high expectations. I tend to like every 2nd Symphony X album a lot (kinda like Star Trek movies). I wasn't disappointed.

    Biggest thing I've noticed is the different approach to vocals that Russell Allen delivers. He's a bit more, well, focused I guess, using a blend of his typical shrieking metal-growl (not to be confused with the Cookie Monster growl) and just well placed, powerful melodic singing. I'm not a huge fan of the metal growl, but it doesn't take away from the music as much as, say, Opeth's cookie/hellraiser growls. Allen picks and chooses his spots well.

    Romeo's guitar work is as good as ever, but he seems to wank less and focus just a wee bit more on the rythmic parts and overall harmony of his bits. Smarter guitar I guess. The songs have stronger melodies maybe than previous efforts, and there's even some good ballads.

    I won't say it's their best, too early for that. But this is gonna challenge for metal album of the year. It's that damn good, and never gets boring!

    The cool digi-pack album cover is somewhat typical of the mystical-epic angels and demon themes a lot of metal acts seem to incorporate (still) but it's actually pretty neat.
    Best of all the songs are great, and never go too far off on any musical escapades.

    This tends to fall a bit more on the classic-metal side of Prog-metal for those wondering, definitely with the speedier US influence - a little more Dio, Pantera and Slayer, but a little less cheesy than, say, Iced Earth. But if you like adventurous metal, this disc won't disappoint. Great album for your workout or morning jog!
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