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    Still not released on CD?

    Are there any records that you wish were out on CD and for whatever reason are still not released? One that I would buy is:

    The Nails: Mood Swings

    and a link to info on it:

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    John Palumbo's first two albums. Crack the Sky's second and third album (as complete albums, bonus tracks 'd be nice, rather than this two-fer thing that Lifesong put out).
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    Oh, man.

    Lots of 'em.

    For starters:

    The Dregs- Industry Standard. First Dregs disc with vocals. All of the Dregs/Dixie Dregs have been released but this 'un. Oops- I sit corrected. Looks like they've finally released it thru Steve Morse's web site. Kewl! Oops. Unavailable.

    The Tong. Mingo Lewis' (Tubes percussionist on a drum kit here) starts a band and releases a great album that sounds a lit-err, lot like the Police.

    Code Blue. Angular, tight, 3 minute pop songs by a 3 piece outfit from the 80s. Damn, after looking around, this is also available. Thanks a lot- I'm gonna be spending a lot of $$ in a few minutes, here.

    4 Out Of 5 Doctors. More tight poppy stuff with a sense of humor.

    9 Below Zero. Dr. Feelgood-type (remember them?) blooze-rock stuff. Lofi, also w/ a humor vein.

    Quincy. One album, and I think there may have been a single from it, but I dunno which song it might have been. Extreeeemely catchy synth-pop.

    Gary Myrick & The Figures. The guitarist slays me, and I usually don't listen to many guitarists. Very tasty. Also pop with millions of hooks in their 2 first albums.


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    Buckingham Nicks

    I want it

    There's also a Kingfish album (sans Bob Weir) that was pretty good that was never released on CD. I believe it was called Trident.

    My neighbor has excellent vinyl copies of both if I ever get off my lazy ass and figure out how to 'rip' them onto a computer...(btw: that's a hint to offer me some suggestions).

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