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    In the Spirit of the 4th of July...What is

    Your favorite patriotic-themed song? It's a tie for me: "God Bless America" and "The Star Spangled Banner". Along the patriotic lines, I'm also enamored with the new song by C&W music performer, John Michael Montgomery, called "Letters From Home". It's a moving song, a little difficult for me to listen to right now.

    Hope you all are having a great 4th of July ~ based on the Macy's program, sure wish I could have been in NYC for the fireworks display. Maybe next year ~ and with my hubby AND son! :-)

    God Bless America, All Service Men and Women ~ Past & Present, Our Troops Throughout the World, and Those Who have Fallen,

    One Proud Marine Mom,
    LCPL Ryan ~ Deployed to Iraq
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    As far as traditional songs I prefer "America The Beautiful" over everything else I can think of. For more modern I used to really kind of like Neil Diamond's "America" from the Jazz Singer Yeah, pretty schmaltzy but not quite as much as something like Lee Greenwood's staple, guess that would be in the ear of the beholder though.

    "Ahh, cartoons! America's only native art form. I don't count jazz 'cuz it sucks"- Bartholomew J. Simpson

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