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    Unhappy Speedy West, R.I.P--Arthur Conley, also

    No confirmation, no links, just a rumor, but hey, the guy's 79 & I read it was from heart failure. For those who don't know, he was better than 99% of the guitarists who show up in those 'best guitarists' lists and threads. I know him best through his work with Jimmy Bryant...a stroke left him incapable of playing since 1980, unfortunately, but his music lives on. Anyone who ever got a copy of my comp ROOTS OF PUNK or MIX WITHOUT VOCALS, throw on 'Stratosphere Boogie' and tell me the guy wasn't AMAZING.

    Just read that Arthur Conley ('Sweet Soul Music') has passed on also. He'd been living in the Netherlands for many years after reportedly leaving the US due to the pressures of the record industry. He was 57 & died of intestinal cancer.

    I was looking through the archives & it seems to me that there have been an INORDINATE number of deaths of celebrities/artistic performers in 2003. These guys, Johnny & June Carter Cash, & Sam Phillips, those were the ones that came to mind just now off the top of my head, but I know there have been more. Does it seem this way to anyone else?
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