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    See You On the Moon

    For the Indie-Hipster-Elitist-Snob Kindergarten Crowd...

    See You On The Moon! CD
    Alan Sparhawk - Be Nice to People With Lice, Great Lakes Swimmers - See You On The Moon!, Sufjan Stevens - The Friendly Beasts, Montag - Kiddo 1, Apostle of Hustle ft. The Husky’s - 24 Robbers, Junior Boys - Max, Broken Social Scene - Puff The Magic Dragon, FemBots - Under the Bed, Montag - Kiddo 3, Glissandro 70 - Voice are Your Best Friend, Mark Kozelek - Leo and Luna, Detective Kalita - Baby Brother, Montag - Kiddo 2, Hot Chip - I Can’t Wake Up, Kid Koala ft. Lederhosen Lucil - Fruit Belt, Montag - Bonne Nuit Etienne, Rosie Thomas - Faith’s Silver Elephant
    DETAILS: See You On The Moon! is a CD of songs for kids of all ages.
    PRESS: "Designed to bring children and parents together in the name of good music...we’ll see you on the light side of the moon!"
    - Pitchfork Media

    "These ditties might not be Lullabies to Paralyze, but they’re sure to put a smile on your wee ones’ face."
    - Spin Magazine

    "Sufjan Stevens, the perpetual adolescents in Broken Social Scene, Junior Boys, Mark Kozelek, the FemBots and a slew of their au courant pop peers contribute tunes for toddlers who like to wear 1-inch buttons on their diaper bags."
    - Now Magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverAutumn
    For the Indie-Hipster-Elitist-Snob Kindergarten Crowd...
    Seems easier just to type "For Slosh", but then again I'm not a very good typist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davey
    Seems easier just to type "For Slosh", but then again I'm not a very good typist.

    IV Slosh is much more indie
    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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