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    The Secret Machines

    Wow!!! I have just discovered this new awesome band called The Secret Machines!!! I really like what I heard and ordered their two full cd's: "Now Here Is Nowhere" and "Ten Silver Drops".

    Anyone else know them?

    Listen to their awesome music at their website:

    Kind regards,

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    Hello, Demetrio. Long time, no see.

    Yes, I've been a fan for over a year now. Personally, I like Now Here Is Nowhere better than their more recent release. It's a BIG, noisy, dynamic album that sounds like a bunch of kids turning their amps up to 11 and covering Pink Floyd tunes...and doing it really well. "Nowhere Again" might just be my favorite song of the 21st Century, so far. Maybe.

    10 Silver Drops is also very listenable, but not quite as much giddy fun. It's more of a somber effort, with lyrics about relationships gone bad. But it's well worth having...some of the arrangements are just gorgeous.

    Listen, and let us know what you think.
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