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    Saturday Spins / Blog

    Not too much going on here. We snuck out for a run and got a little wet, but rain is on and off. Really poured buckets for a little while. Got one of my favorites from the last few years playing right now, Still by Sue Garner and Rick Brown and friends. Can't even explain to myself why I like this one so much and keep coming back to it over and over since 2000. Probably one of my most played CDs from that vintage. Used songs on a bunch of comps so most of my buddies here have probably heard at least a song or two, but can't really say that it's a knockout good album or anything like that. Just one of those rare things that completely resonates with my biorhythms, or some such pseudo-intellectual, non-scientific psycho-babble. Some of the same sound that I like so much about Yo La Tengo's Electr-o-pura, but a different effect overall. Not nearly as pop sounding. Much more trip-hoppy, but without a lot of hip hop. More Portishead than Massive Attack. And Sue Garner does have some of that Beth Gibbons croon to her voice too.

    Anyway, sun is kind of breaking through now. Guess we shoulda waited to run. Oh well, life's too short to worry about what's gonna happen next

    Saturday plans? Music? Beer? Partying? Food? We've got some of that 16-bean soup with ham and onions and lots of other good stuff simmering on the stove right now so it's starting to smell kind of nice around here. Well ... it will after I take a shower! Some Sam Adams in the fridge. Life's been worse....

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    Sixteen bean soup eh! Sounds yummy.

    Should bring on some excellent intestinal fortitude later on too. I'm partaking of my usual spirt, Barcardi and coke this time with a twist of lime. Yum. Wife is working the afternoon shift today so I gots the house (and the stare-e-OH) to myself.

    Playing Allman Brothers Hittin' The Note as I type this. Feeling in the mood for some Tull afterwards. Maybe Aqualung.

    It's frickin' snowing again. Ugh!

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    I'm still working on the bathroom reno at my house. I listened to The Zutons again this morning and Franz Ferdinand while I finished up (what I hope is) the last of the painting. This was the first time that I've heard the FF disk, having only picked it up on Thursday. I liked it. Of course I've already heard about half of it. But I also liked the songs that I haven't heard.

    No snow here today. It's been pretty mild for the last few days, so the snow has been melting. We can actually see grass in some spots. It won't be long now before my tulips start peeking up. Spring is almost here.

    Saturday plans? Well, it's a toss up whether we go out to see a movie (what hubby wants to do) or stay home and work on the bathroom and watch some Lacrosse on TV (what I want to do). Either way, I'm sure that there will be a martini or two involved.

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    Went and saw Twine live. Sorry, but there just isn't anything interesting about watching some guy bent over a laptop. Sure, the music's real pretty, but I'll download some boots next time. Blech.

    Tonight was better -- saw The Incredibles. Fun movie.

    NP: Third Eye Foundation, OuMuPo, Vol. 1 -- very Matt Elliott. Simply gorgeous.
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