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Thread: Saga ?

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    Saga ?

    Anyone (FA?) familiar with this prog band ?
    Sorry if I missed any previous discussion but Amazon just sent me an e-mail pushing their new release called TRUST.

    Track Listings
    1. That's As Far As I'll Go 4:36
    2. Back To The Shadows 5:16
    3. I'm OK 5:36
    4. Time To Play 3:31
    5. My Friend 3:19
    6. Trust 5:44
    7. It's Your Life 4:10
    8. Footsteps In The Hall 3:25
    9. Ice In The Rain 5:01
    10. You Were Right 4:05
    11. On The Other Side 4:56
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    If there ever was a 'Pop" Prog Band, this would be it.

    Not much to see here folks, move along. LOL

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    I'm familiar with their older material. They were big in Canada when I was in high school. But their biggest success was found in Europe, not in North America. I've kept tabs on them throughout the years. The keyboard player, Jim Gilmour, was a friend of my brother (the other brother) in high school and is a Facebook friend of mine. Nice guy. I've been hearing about the recording sessions from Jim's FB posts.

    Michael Sadler, their lead singer and a very unique vocalist, left the band a few years ago. However, they announced his return earlier this year, so I think this new album is with Sadler on vocals.

    That's about as much as I know about them. I had some of their disks on vinyl back in the day, but all I have of them now is a 'best of' CD.

    We saw them live about 15 or so years ago at a downtown club. They put on a great show. The drummer actually broke one of his skins. So the rest of the band grabbed a couple of accoustic guitars and put on an impromptu accoustic set while he fixed it. It was very cool.

    How's the new disk? Any good?

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