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Thread: RIP Bert Jansch

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    RIP Bert Jansch

    Really bummed about this. Died this morning at age 67.

    I was lucky enough to get to see him open for Neil Young a couple of years ago... although his hushed and delicate style didn't play very well in a huge theater full of people who had come to drink beer and rock out. Still, he blew me away. Lately I've been listening to his music a lot-- Birthday Blues and Jack Orion could go in my What's Spinning list more weeks than not if I posted the entirety of what I was listening to. I'll probably be spinning them even more over the coming weeks.


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    yep - as Sasha Frere-Jones said "Losing Steve Jobs and Bert Jansch on the same day feels like losing the two opposing bookends of a single century."
    sad about both - two luminaries that helped to make this a special time to be living. I have a 'Jobs creation' in front of me now but, sadly, don't own any Jansch to listen to tonight. I think I'll put on some Pentangle, pour a rye whiskey, and sit with my headphones on for a bit - I'm a sucker for female folk-y vocals so I've always leaned towards this side of Bert's output, something I'd love to remedy. I'm thinking I'll go pick up a vinyl copy of L.A. Turnaround this week if its still in stock around town. R.I.P.

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