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River of Crime poised for odd release plan

Cordless is about to put on sale through an exclusive arrangement with Virgin Megastores in the USA and The New York Museum of Modern Art, a double CD pack that is completely blank.

Yes. The two recordable CDR's come with a key that allows the person who buys it to download the five 15 minute episodes and use the blanks to burn their own CD's. The set and discs are completely packaged as though they contain music, but they are blank recordable discs. You will be required to burn them yourself. Weird, huh!

The downloads include other stuff too, including a 15 minute instrumental version of music from the shows to add to your CD's that won't be available any other way (of course). All in all, two full CD's of Residents.

Oh, you can also order it from when it becomes available (in about a week,) in case you don't live close to a Virgin store or MoMA.

The digital assets (episodes, etc...) will remain active until 31 December, 2007. If interrupted by service errors, you will be able to reconnect and download until the episode is complete.

Posted: Sat - May 20, 2006 at 07:38 PM The Residents BOG