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    Remastered Led Zepp -- "Presence"

    I've been listening to this disc a lot lately.
    The remastering is done well (not terrific) and I'm liking this LZ release.
    I did not give it much attention in 1976 when it was new...............upon further review, I find a couple of very good songs on this album.

    Often overlooked (even by me), this LZ release is what I consider the real final album.
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    It was a big departure from their signature style with the stop-start reggae type tunes. I do like this one as well as much of Physical Graffiti.

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    I like a few of these songs, but it's easily my second least fave release right behind Coda. Nobody's Fault But Mine and Tea For One are great, but the rest are spotty IMO and yes, I'm even throwing Achilles' Last Stand in there as spotty. I know a lot people like it, but I find it to be long in the tooth. I have both boxsets from the '90s, but not the recent remasters. I listened to someone's copy of How The West Was Won and thought it sounded compressed as hell.
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    Speaking of LZ...

    I have my doubts whether or not these really are what they claim to be (15 IPS R2R transfers), but they do in fact sound a hell of a lot better than my original 80s CDs.
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