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    recent SACD / DVD audio discs

    does anyone have a link to listings of new SACD's and DVD audio discs? i shop best buy and some other places but it seems there is nothing new coming out. is it me or is the formats stagnating a little?
    i like mostly rock and roll some jazz and anything but rap or country.
    any help would be apreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamison42166
    is it me or is the formats stagnating a little?
    No, that's just Best Buy. If you go to a store that has a deeper catalog (Tower, for me, perhaps Borders), labels like Harmonia Mundi and Arts (.de), as well as cheaper catalogs such as Naxos and...forget the other name, "Classix"? Something like that...they've been releasing quite a bit.

    Perhaps Sony is the one stagnating, since that's most of what Best Buy gets.
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