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    Recent duff purchase

    Well I've just picked up a real dud namely Moby's Hotel. It has one or two okay tracks but generally it's pretty dull, dull, and dull. I guess Moby has had his day now and I should have known better but you know what it's like you hunt around for something to buy and even as you walk to the till you have this impending doom about what you've picked up but you go ahead anyway.

    Worse still I opted for the 2 disc ambient version and what a load of crap that turned out to be, I suppose by its nature ambient can be pretty dull and boring but this one works exceptionally hard at it. One repetitive track after another, it even comes complete with 'authentic' intermittent pops just like listening to old vinyl. Why did they go and do that it's just plain annoying, from my memory vinyl was never that bad anyway if you looked after your records.

    On another note I've just ordered hopefully two goodies, Pinback's Pinback album and Notwist's EP Different Cars and Trains. I said I wouldn't buy another Pinback album but I love Blue Screen Life and Summer in Abbadon so much I'm sure I will like this. The Notwist album is a bunch of remixes by the sound of it with the emphasis on the electronic sounds.

    Anybody else picked up some recent turkeys?


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    Same one for me...

    Not really crap, just nothing special to me. I can listen to it, but I can't really imagine myself in a couple years wanting to hear Moby and grabbing this one of the bunch. I like the ambient CD ok for going to sleep. I do think it would have been a good move to just go full out on the ambient side of things for this release as a kinda clear the pallett move before going on to something else next time around. It could have gotten him back into the electronic fold and lowered expectations for what his next one would be like.

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    I agree that Hotel is kinda boring, and that Moby may be past his apex, but I liked the ambient bonus disk.
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