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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Ray Sings, Basie Swings.

    Talk about robbing The grave. Quincy Jones got hold of some vocal tracks that Ray laid down years ago when he had what was left of the Basie Orchestra backing him. The quality of the orchestra on the tapes left MUCH to be desired.

    So, seeing an oppoprunity here,, Quincy Jones did up new charts and had what's left of the Basie Band re-record them, and then played Ray's vocal track with them.

    Well, the orchsatra tracks sound crystal clear and so does Ray's voice, but theut do NOT sound like they are playing and singing together. There's a "detachment" between them that I can't adequately describe, but it sounds like they were not playing together. Ray is drowned out and, normally, he wouldsing louder to compensate but here, he just keeps on at his normal pace while the backups totally drown him out.

    But hey, waddaya expect from a coupola zombies that were ressurected to bring in a few more dollars?

    Natalie Cold did a much, much better job when she tried thus wirh her dad, but I expected more from Quincy Jones.

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    Now, I'm disappoionted. First off, you had me excited as I thought this could be something interesting. I'm still gonna want to hear it though. At least now, I will have low expectations.

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