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    Question for KEXPMF...

    Back around Christmastime, you mentioned buying a gift card for someone so that they could download music. Can you remind me what the details of that were?

    I have to buy a small gift for a 10-yr-old boy who I don't know very well. The only thing that I do know is that he's very athletic. I thought that this might be good gift (assuming he has an MP3 player, which I will ask his parents about).

    If anyone has any other ideas for a 10-yr-old. I would appreciate hearing them. I'm looking at spending about $25.


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    While we're on the subject of KEXP, thanks Madina for the care package I got a few days ago. I've listened to everything and will offer a full report in a seperate thread in a couple of days when I have some time. Still painting the house, baseball is in full swing, and I have a ton of work that I've been neglecting. There were some very good tunes on those discs and are worthy of some comments.

    Thanks again,
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