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    Question for ericl....alexa toolbar

    Isn't Alexa just Microsofts version of spyware?

    Here is a related link with some info about this topic that folks should also be aware of if your going to encourage them to install on thier PC.

    I suggest that having any software(spyware) that sends ANY kind of personal info out onto the net or right to Microsoft itself is not the best thing for everyone.


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    Spyware exemplifies everything that is wrong with this country today.



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    Yeah, but it's not spyware if they tell you they're doing it, is it?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not downloading it.
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    I tried to point this out but ericl's thread was closed. I go through a lot of trouble keeping spy/adware off of my computer, as should everyone. Also the Google toolbar has its own site ranking. And those of us using Firefox don't need a pop-up blocker. . . .

    That's kinda like asking if we would like to pay more taxes.
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    Funny thing is, a fresh OS install will put Alexa on your PC without you knowing it. I was surprised that it was actually a MS spy tool. I did a fresh install, loaded Adaware and ran it only to find Alexa already on my machine. Then I looked at the properties and found it to be right from Microsoft.

    They didn't tell you it was there.

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