Gotta say I'm not really a Krall fan - tried listening to the some of the other albums and could not get into it. This one is an exception.
I saw her several months ago in Fascinating Rythms a used record store here in Nainaimo that I frequent. I didn't know she was from here.

Interestingly her last track Departure Bay is the road I live on - the ferry terminal here is called the Departure Bay terminal which heads over to Horshoe Bay in Vancouver.

The album seems to be heavily influenced on her life here and the loss of her mother - and our rainy weather, her recent marriage, and of stardom and hollowness of it.

She has certainly fallen into the Canaidan Anti-hero kind of pulse of Canada - and within that British Columbia and even within that again on Vancouver Island.

Considering I have not really responded to Krall before this one got to me and worked. Great sounding album too.