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Thread: Priest = Aura

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    Priest = Aura

    Fantastic record, probably my favorite from the Church. I always really loved the sound on this one too. The 1992 CD is a little thin and flat sounding in the drums, but does have some low bass and a very nice soundstage. The guitars are of course the key, and they sound great. Can really fill the house with sound on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Or fill your head on a lazy Thursday morning for that matter. Be nice to hear a little more shimmer. They remastered it a few years ago and turned it into a deluxe 2-CD set, but it's brickwalled and nearly unlistenable. Shame.

    I remember a day long ago, probably in the mid to late 90s, I had this CD playing pretty loud and was doing some work around the house, maybe some painting. Anyway, came a knock on the door and I greeted a couple who was spreading the prophecy through the neighborhood. Maybe Mormons, or maybe Adventists, can't remember, but we all stood in the doorway talking. They were asking questions, and I felt like talking, so we had this weird exchange with Priest = Aura as the surreal backdrop, and it was still pretty loud. I thought to turn it down, but didn't, and finally the woman asked who it was. Not in a rude manner, or a disapproving way, but just an odd curiosity. And I told them, and it was kind of awkward for a bit, not only because of the obvious, but because it does have a very epic sound, and is actually quite adventurous. And while the lyrics don't make much sense much of the time, there are some very odd fragments that do seem to tie it together, giving it kind of a spiritual feel. I think there were probably a lot of drugs around while making this record. But that memory has stuck, and will always be tied to this CD. Mormons + Priest = Aura

    What's your favorite Church album?
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    I've never really explored the Church that much so I'll have to be boring and pick the big hit album, Starfish. Under the milky Way and reptile are both great tunes. I liked that one quite a bit and have always meant to explore more but never did. Saw the tour for that one too. I remember that as a great couple of nights, The Church played on I think Tuesday and then the Ramones on Wednesday in the same bar. May have the nights mixed up but I remember these coming back to back.

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    Okay, that's not my fave. Actually, I've only heard a few Church albums, and of those Of Skins and Heart probably is my fave.
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    Yeah, it's hard to argue against Starfish. Solid album, start to finish. Serious fans seem to like Heyday, but that one always seemed hit-or-miss to me.

    I remember almost buying P=A back in the day, but a negative review dissuaded me. Too bad, my loss I guess. I do have a couple of songs (notably "Feel") from a comp, but perhaps I should go back and get that disc. Or at least give it another listen.

    Oh, and I actually do own After Everything... There's a couple of really good tracks on that one, especially "Invisible," but that RushPowerWindows guy may have overhyped it just a tiny tad.
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