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    Porcupine Tree dvd

    I'm sure many of you are aware, but there is a Porcupine Tree dvd coming to the states on 10/10. It was filmed in Chicago on 10/11-10/12 2005.

    I can post track listing for anyone who would like to know.

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    I think a friend of mine was at one of the shows. Yes, please post a track listing or PM me if there's a consensus to keep it quiet until after it's released.

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    1. Intro / Revenant
    2. Open Car
    3. Blackest Eyes
    4. Lazarus
    5. Hatesong
    6. Don't Hate Me
    7. Mother and Child Divided
    8. Buying New Soul
    9. So Called Friend
    10. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
    11. heartattack In a Lullaby
    12. The Start Of Something Beautiful
    13. Halo
    14. The Sound of Muzak
    15. Even Less
    16. Trains

    Futie and Radioactive Toy from German Rockplast TV broadcast
    Lazarus - promo video clip
    Lasse Hoile films for Halo, The Start of Something BEautiful and Mother And Child Divided
    Gavin Harrison "Cymbal Song" in 5.1
    Photo gallery

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    I wonder....

    ...if there's going to be any incentive to buy the disc early.

    Hmmm, according to the web site:

    DVD update
    The special 2,000 copy numbered edition of "Arriving Somewhere..." has now sold out on pre-orders, but the Porcupine Tree store is accepting pre-orders for the regular 2 disc edition. This version does not include the set of postcards, and is not numbered, but otherwise the content and packaging is the same.

    PT DVD available for pre-order
    Finally a live performance DVD by Porcupine Tree!

    "Arriving Somewhere..." comes as a 2-disc set, with the first 2,000 mail order copies being numbered and with a set of 6 colour postcards (VIP ticket holders on the US tour will also receive this edition). Disc one is a full show from the Deadwing tour filmed at Park West, Chicago in Oct 2005, edited by Lasse Hoile, with the soundtrack mixed in stereo and 5.1 surround sound by SW, and mastered by Darcy Proper (who mastered the award winning PT DVDAs). Disc two includes bonus live performances of Futile and Radioactive Toy from German TV show Rockpalast, the Lazarus promo clip, the live films used during the show for Start of Something Beautiful, Halo, and Mother and Child Divided, Gavin Harrison's "Cymbal Song" (also in 5.1 sound), and a photo gallery with well over 100 images.

    To be sure of getting one of the numbered editions please pre-order now from the Porcupine Tree store.

    Please note that the numbered copies will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, and in sequence - so the sooner you pre-order the lower the number you will receive.

    Ouch. With shipping, it comes to almost $30 US. Damn.


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