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    Which Porcupine Tree cd('s) should I get next?

    Poor ol' Kex is moving to Canada and until he sells his house (2 mortgages sucks) funds are low right now, but he'd still like to buy as much Porky Tree as he can. He already has In Absentia, Signify, and Stupid Dream, and would like to know where to go next...

    I don't download music because (sigh) if the evil record companies ever came after me I'd lose my professional designation and my job and it just ain't worth the risk (don't laugh, staying squeaky clean sucks more than 2 mortgages)...besides, I've got no problems paying for GOOD music.

    So where to go next...and which of the many versions of the cd to get?

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    decisions decisions

    Looking on Amazon, don't see the original versions available, looks like the remastered ones get high marks for improved sonics and the bonus songs anywave. If the extra bucks aren't an issue, the remasters look like the way to go. I have the originals.
    It's a contest between The sky moves sideways and Coma Divine I'd say... Coma Divine wins it tho. Both of these are a bit more spacey with longer songs than your other PT disc's -- The difference between the styles of Stupid Dream and The Sky moves sideways is roughly the distance between Floyd's Wish you were here and Meddle (TSMS being roughly stylisticly similar to Meddle). Coma Divine is still spacey but not so much as TSMS.
    Both are worthy albums and in the top tier of PT's catalog, from here you'll be moving into the second tier albums such as Lightbulb Sun, Up the Downstair, Stars Die which are the next ones to get. Natch, YMMV.
    A new album is due in Febuary, with a tour to follow -- don't snooze and miss a chance to see em live!

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    Sky Moves Sideways to satisfy your Wish You Were Here Jones. I prefer the single disc original issue. It's more concise.

    Up the Down Star also has a lot of very trippy Floyian moments. The most under rated PT release.

    Lightbulb Sun is the most like Stupid Dream. More strummy acoustic guitar stuff. More short songs with obvious pop tune construction and a couple of long proggy epics.

    Coma Divine is one of the best recorded live albums I've ever heard. The double disc re-release is the one to get.

    Because of the re-releaased double albums, I suspect that there are some copies of the original albums on the used market.

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    Lightbulb Sun and Signify.


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    Welcome to The Great White North!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kex
    Poor ol' Kex is moving to Canada
    You make that sound like it's a bad thing.

    Where are ya movin' to, eh?

    Oh yeah...I prefer Stupid Dream and In Absentia. Although, Lightbulb Sun definately has some great moments. Heck, they're all good!

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    Lightbulb Sun hands down

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    I've heard only their later albums, and I enjoy them all--Signify, Stupid Dream, Lightbulb Sun, and In Absentia. Being a metal fan, I lean toward In Absentia the most. Steve Wilson's beautiful ethereal voice over dark open-D distorted riffs...just heavenly.

    One of the things I like about P-Tree is that they have lots of influences, but outside from the occasional "Floydism" they have their own sound. Most other bands labeled "neo-prog" are extremely imitative and boring. For example, what I've heard of Spock's Beard is a dead ringer for Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, and Glass Hammer sound a ton like Yes (a band I passionately despise). Those are my own observations; YMMV.

    (BTW Kingcrim05, cool avatar ; P )
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    Well, since you already have In Absentia, Stupid Dream, and Signify, Lightbulb Sun strikes me as the logical next step--that is, if you can find a copy. It was their last studio album before In Absentia, so, chronologically speaking, it makes sense to pick it up next. Its music is in a vein similar to Stupid Dream, and the songs are very good. If you can't find a copy, don't sweat it. Eventually, Lava/Atlantic will rerelease it. It may even appear as a DVD Audio disk.

    Another P.T. disk you should be aware of is Recordings. It consists of outtakes from the Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun sessions, and it features the fourteen minute version of Even Less. Most bands would kill to have material of this quality. Recordings may be easier to find than Lightbulb Sun.

    Anyway, what I'm basically saying is work your way backwards through the band's catalogue. The further back you go the spacier and proggier the music gets.
    1) Lightbulb Sun (hard to find)
    2) Recordings (outtakes)
    3) Coma Divine (live disk w/material from Signify and older releases)
    4) The Sky Moves Sideways
    5) Up The Downstair
    6) On The Sunday Of Life

    Dave M

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