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    Porcupine Tree on B&W demo disc !!!

    B&W, one of the most acclaimed speaker manufacturers in the world, is offering at their website what they call a 'Sound Experience DVD' for the advertisement for their new 800 series speakers. It's a demo DVD that you can get for free by filling the form on this link:

    The disc features high quality recordings by several artists such as Peter Gabriel, Sara K., and...... guess who? PORCUPINE TREE!!!!

    The track on the disc is "Blackest Eyes", taken from the DVD-Audio version of their album In Absentia.

    I have seen many people from a Home Theater oriented forum I join here in Brazil asking for stuff from Porcupine Tree because they really liked that special track a lot.


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    Hey! Over here!

    Sounds funtastic

    I really hope these guys get some ink in this country, but then again, it spoiled Metallica when they suddenly began getting mainstream attention.

    Man I really like this new album from PT; it just keeps getting better with every listen.

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