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    POLL: Emotional Recordings

    What recording do you have that moves you to tears and why?

    For me, it's track 12. La Elima from 'Alone In IZ World' by Iz Kamakawiwo'ole (Mountain Apple Compnay BBCD 5907). Stunning recording, true audiophile quality. You can pretty much see the air passing over his vocal cords.

    The track is performed in Hawai'ian, just the artist and his ukulele. Iz possesses great control throughout the track. He can belt it out yet in the same line can display tenderness. I definitely reach 'nirvana' with this track, and yes, I do get moved to tears when I hear this track in my studio.

    What moves you?
    Source: Musical Fidelity A5CD
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    Quote Originally Posted by the hand of boredom
    What moves you?
    I used to have the coolest dog, and eveytime I play the song "Old Eyes" by Ten Hands, it reminds me of him and I get all snuffly.

    I met you in an earlier time
    we had just one thing in common
    that was the only thing in my life
    I remember that one spring day
    when we drove out in the country
    flying past houses, farms and fields

    I would give anything
    to be with you again
    I would give anything
    to hear you call my name
    I would give anything
    to see your smiling face
    to see you with my old eyes

    that wasn't so long ago
    when we were both quite naive
    oh the things that I believed
    I remember the summer with you
    when we lived out in the country
    so much life and so much time

    time is changing
    now my life is rearranged
    there's so much trouble
    we got lost
    I could not find you
    had to leave you far behind
    but I will be with you again

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