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    PIck your Prince halftime show songs...

    Seems like lots of people loved the Prince halftime show but most would rather hear their personal favorite tunes. get five songs. Whatta ya wanna hear?

    I'd pick something like...

    Dirty Mind/Sister
    Got A Broken Heart Again
    Purple Rain

    Weird...just realized I picked mostly title tracks off the albums. Just happen to be some of my favorite songs and I thought 1999 would be a great opener the way it builds things up in the intro and that Purple Rain was indeed a great closer. Tossed in a little ballad in the middle to add some variety. And, since Sister is so short I tacked it onto the end of Dirty Mind...why not?

    OK...your picks?

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    soft N wet (off first Album)
    Lets work ( off Controversy Album Great party jam)
    Head (network would have kill it)
    1999 (from the same title album)
    Purple Rain (from same title album)
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    Controversy Sign 'O The Times
    Pop Life
    I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
    Forever In My Life
    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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    I liked the fact that he played a couple covers. I don't want to just come up with different cover songs that it would've been cool if he played, because there would just be too many. I mean, yeah, if he had worked in some wild Smokey Robinson/Joni Mitchell/Cheap Trick medley between the Purple Rain songs, for example, I guess I would have been pretty impressed.

    Also, I guess there are a lot of Prince songs that are too risque to play that would have been fun to hear from a fan's perspective, or obscure songs that less people would have known, that I won't mention.

    So let me just say that if he had played Raspberry Beret as one of his fast songs, and a verse or so from Nothing Compares 2 U, my smile might have been even bigger.

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    "1999" would play right if it was the 1997 supoerbowel, but not in 2007.

    I liked the covers too.

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    Sign O' The Times (a great opening song)
    Let's Go Crazy
    Money Don't Matter Tonight (from Diamonds And Pearls)
    America (from Around the World In A Day)
    Purple Rain (since it was quite appropriate for the weather)

    In that order

    Since we're on the subject...when is the concert film Sign O' The Times gonna be released on DVD? One of my fave concert films...oughtta kill on a big screen w/ sound system.

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    Don't know if I would change it too much, I kind of liked it the way it was. Would love to have heard "Thunder" in there somewhere, though. I actually thought the Foo Fighters song fit right in with his style.
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    Let's face it....this has certainly been the half time show to talk it, hate it, or whatever the case it has been a hot topic for this site.

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