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    Paging Jar, re: Roxio equalizer

    Jar, - it has 10 bands, from 32hz up to 16 khz.

    Also, I'm pretty darn excited after "remastering" an old Raspberries tune tonight - I actually made the track sound quite a bit improved over the original recording by using Audio Central. I took the track, "Party's Over", from the Raspberries Capitol Collectors Series, and fiddled around with it in Audio Central (those old Raspberries records have always sounded pretty lame). When I was happy with my tweaks, I burned the track to disc twice - the standard version, with my enhanced version right after. And then came the comparison playback: my version is quite superior sounding (IMO) than the standard recording on the Capitol disc. It's louder, brighter, has more punch and the difference isn't subtle, but isn't overwhelming either (doesn't sound overly tweaked, in other words). I'm stoked! Can't wait to do more of this.
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