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    Pagan Dave G.

    Hey, Geezeulac- have you seen this VHS video of SE?

    If not, you wanna bar it?



    Late Last Nite
    Sweet Dreams
    Lovey Dovey
    Bold As Brass
    My Mistake
    I See Red
    Give It A Whirl
    I Hope I Never
    I Got You
    One Step Ahead
    History Never Repeats
    I Don't Wanna Dance
    Six Months In A Leaky Boat
    Dirty Creature
    Never Ceases To Amaze Me
    Next Exit
    Message To My Girl
    Straight Old Line
    I Walk Away
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    Hey Gar-ree,

    Are those "videos"?

    Sure, I could borrow if from ya at some point.

    Do you like Ted Nugent or the Cure?

    BTW I still have not bought a new bike - $ is too tight right now to drop that much coin in one fell swoop.

    My bud is wanting me to go to Fruita this summer and ride.

    If you like, PM me on dgieseatbellsouthdotnet.



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