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    OT: How much will Steinbrenner spend next year...

    to try to win again? I heard he'lll go after Pedro Martinez (how ironic) and Randy Johnson because they obviously need pitching, and probably Beltran, but can he afford them? Of course he can, he has more money to spend that any owner in baseball, but he's been quoted as saying he won't spend more than $200 million. You really can't buy a championship as pointed out by last years' win by Florida, but it sure keeps you in the playoffs most years. I think the Yankees have seen the first of "The A-Rod Curse" this year and it may effect them for years to come or until they dump him. It was good to see the Sox come back from 3 games down, but I'm a Cardinals fan, and I don't really want to see them lose to Boston.

    (Let's see how long it takes for J to respond. The clock starts ticking at 5:38 PM E.S.T.)


    Go Cardinals
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swish

    (Let's see how long it takes for J to respond. The clock starts ticking at 5:38 PM E.S.T.)


    Go Cardinals
    lol! That's the first thing that popped into my head when I read the title.

    I was going to type more but really what's the use. I've grown quite accustomed to the small market situation. At least most around the country realize that the playing field isn't even to begin with. Any arguments to the contrary can easily be dismissed with two simple words-cable revenue.

    With the Chiefs early fold immediately after the debacle that are the KC Royals all hopes seem pretty much pinned on the tall boys right down the road in Lawrence, Ks. Surely the sporting gods will give us something?

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