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    Opeth Lamentations DVD

    As stated in a previous trhead bugth myself some dvd,s.
    last nigth i watched this one and i was amazed with this guys really. the divided the performance in two sets the first one with their melodic stuff from damnation and from blackwater park extremely well performed. And then the second part with his trademark heavy-soft combinations and those were the glourios moments of the concert this guys are amazazing at what they do, the brutal double guitar attack ( the kicked out the keyboard player for most of the second set) the incredible complex bass runs and the double kick drum were awesome. Really if you want all the exciment just skip the first 8 tracks and go ahead to an inpresive performance.
    An excellent DVD .

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    Question How about the vocals?

    I listened to an older Opeth CD (used - can't remember the name) and I was really put off by the vocals. I own Damnation, and I'm really pleased with it, but there are no Cookie Monster vocals on it.

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