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    1,964's Tuesday...watcha listenin' to?

    Why not? Iíll get the Tuesday thing started this week.

    Been listening to a few old favorites latelyÖpulling out stuff I havenít heard for a whileÖIíll just mention a fewÖ

    Kraftwerk: Autobahn
    Fantastic album that starts off a series of my favorite Kraftwerk albums, including Autobahn, Radioactvitat, and Trans-Europa Express. The 22 minute title track is classic and the whole thing flows nicely, great pulsating electronic sounds from the masters.

    The Church: Starfish
    Atmospheric 80s pop record, featuring a string of great tracks, including the hits Under the Milky Way and Reptile. I never really listened to much else from these guys, probably because after seeing them on tour for this album, they pretty well bored me silly, no variation from the record, no movement or banter on stage, just stand there like a bore and play the songs straight up, pretty much a textbook of how not to play a concert. But, on record, this is great. Iím still a bit curious what else these folks have done that comes close to this.

    The Pogues: If I Should Fall from Grace with God
    Damn, I love the Pogues. I hadnít pulled out much of their stuff for a while, and what a mistake that is. I never got too into Shaneís solo stuff, but with the Pogues, everything fell into place. This one features some of their most energetic stuff, with the first single being a Mexican influenced track called Fiesta. This one started showing a bit more rock and other influences beyond their Irish roots after Rum, Sodomy and the Lash, and is probably a great starting point for people who havenít listened to them before.

    the KLF: The Chill Out
    Ambient music of the highest quality. Sounds of trains and crickets chirping mix with electronic washes and steel guitar, with Elvis making a cameo in there as well. If you like Ambient stuff and havenít heard this, grab it asap. And, in case youíre worried, it sounds nothing like their club hits. Excellent stuff.

    Black Flag: Damaged
    Classic hardcore album I always go back to when I just wanna head some raw, brutal punk. Their first full length, and personally, I donít think they ever came close to topping it, outside maybe a few of their early singles. A powerful band at the height of their power.

    Minutemen: What Makes a Man Start Fires?/Buzz and Howl/3-Way Tie for Last
    The first 2 are EPs and the last a full-length. Great thing is, all fit on a single CDR, which I recorded from vinyl. I like these pretty much just as much as Double Nickels on the Dime. If thatís the only one you have, Fires is the most similar I would say, with 3-Way Tie being the most different from that. They all share the same sensibility, although 3-Way Tie features more structured and longer songs. Listening to the political nature of many of the songs, especially on 3-Way, my wife commented on how nice it would be to have D. Boon around now with the Iraq **** and all going on. These guys are a band I just never get tired of and have aged very nicely. Nothing sounded like them then and nothing sounds like them nowÖtimeless.

    From Elvis in Memphis
    A classic late period Elvis record. I really think this is close to his masterpiece in many ways. He was always about blending styles, and this record features one of the most seamless blends of country, rock, gospel, and R&B that Iíve ever heard. Not a weak track in the bunch.

    Listened to more, of course, but thatís all I got time to write about. Still digging the new Beck a bunch, and listened to the Kills again, which I still like as well. Played some jazz, Jimmy Smith and some other stuff, Hank Crawford, spun a couple nice classical records I grabbed at Goodwill, including some Brahms stuff and some Mozart, the exact titles I canít remember, a symphony from Brahms and some small ensemble stuff from Mozart.

    So, címon everybodyÖwhat you all listeniní to?

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    Lots of listening through the portable since Iím busy doing lots of chores.

    Bloc Party
    Kaiser Chiefs, which may be growing on me a bit
    Apoptygma Berzerk
    De/Vision (2 and Fairyland, and if that isnít a title just begging for a Yech reprisal then I donít know what is.)
    The new BSP

    And a ton of boots:
    The Notwist-very cool recording, two discs and they bring up members of the opening act (Themselves, described as the Notwistís favorite band) to add to the setlist. Interesting collaboration. Very good little bootleg.

    Depeche Mode
    Fiery Furnaces
    Gang Of Four (some from 2005, some from 1979)
    Ridgway from 2004 which is awesome. Some very different versions of his staples.
    James Ė from the greatest hits tour
    The Replacements
    Front 242
    "Ahh, cartoons! America's only native art form. I don't count jazz 'cuz it sucks"- Bartholomew J. Simpson

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    Front 242 reminds me...I made a CDr for a friend with a bunch of old 12" singles, including Front 242: Headhunter/Welcome to Paradise, Revolting Cocks: Attack Ships, Nitzer Ebb: Join in the Chant, some Severed Heads, and some other day spinning the 12" versions of all that stuff.

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    Third stone from the sun
    Jean Luc Ponty 'The very best of' -concentrating on the 1975-1985 period, top notch fusion.
    Green Day 'American Idiot' - I like a coupla songs, maybe it's a grower.
    Joe Walsh 'The smoker you drink, the player you get' - 3 or 4 good cuts here.
    Oscar Peterson 'Live to Live' - man I'm digging his stuff, jaw dropping piano runs.
    Allman Bros 'An evening with - second set'
    Indigenous 'S/T' -their latest disc, they finally signed with a big label, more excellent blues rock from them.
    Derek Trucks Band 'Soul Serenade' - Saw them in concert last weekend, the kid has progressed a lot in his chops and slide playing. not sure you'd call it rock, it's got jazz in there also. They sound like early Traffic at times, can't recomend seeing them live enough - watchout Warren Haynes, Derek's playing is really coming into his own, unique tone and technique. Unfortunatly, the album doesn't reflect what you see live, it's only ok.

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    The Church- too bad the band was a turd on stage. The earlier the album, the better they are. "The Blurred Crusade" is the one to get, IMO. There's good songs on every album, I've heard them all except the most recent releases. The last few were pretty repetitive. I hear a lot of Pink Floyd in this band . . . Also very interesting are Marty Wilson-Piper's 2 solo albums on Rykodisc; "Art Attack" and "Rhyme".

    WTF did I listen to this week . . .

    Rheostatics 2067. Played this a couple of times and I really enjoyed that "Tarleks" song. Much of the rest just kinda lays there for me, I dunno. Maybe I'm just not in the mood for this at the moment, but it doesn't seem nearly as creative as stuff like "Whale Music". I'll stick with it.

    Genesis- calling All Stations. prompted by another message board. Not nearly as bad as the rap on it, there's about 15 minites of excellent "Tony Banks lush minor-key Genesis synths©" songs.

    Jellyfish- Bellbutton. Brilliant album. One of my favorites from the 90s.

    Zappa- Zoot Allures. One of my favorites from the FZ catalogue. "I got a girl with a little rubber head . . ."

    Buncha my old prog comps in the car too.

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    It's all about Beck this week

    Beck "Que Onda Guero"
    Beck "Scarecrow"
    Beck "Girl"
    Beck - all of Mutations
    Out Hud "It's For You" (!!! side project, I think)
    Ima Robot "Song No. 1"
    The Shins "New Slang"
    Kasabian/My Bloody Valentine mashup "Processed Beats ..."
    K-OS "Crabbuckit"
    Elefant "Misfit"
    Chemical Brothers "Galvanize"
    The Ditty Bops "Ooh La La"
    LCD Soundsystem "Yeah"
    Mike Doughty (from Soul Coughing) "Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well"

    hammering all morning. apartment above me is doing construction. ugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody
    Severed Heads
    Where does one find Severed Heads CDs? I've heard a couple of tracks that I really dug, but have never seen them in a store . . .

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    Don't know. I just have some old 12" singles, although I may have a cassette of them somewhere.

    I didn't realize their CDs weren't readily available.

    If you'd want the cassette, I can look for it. I don't play 'em anymore, so if I find it, it's yours if you want it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody
    Don't know. I just have some old 12" singles, although I may have a cassette of them somewhere.

    I didn't realize their CDs weren't readily available.

    If you'd want the cassette, I can look for it. I don't play 'em anymore, so if I find it, it's yours if you want it.
    Thanks, but I have no casette player except in my wife's car . . . and getting her to play severed heads in her car just ain't gonna happen.

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    it's about the music
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    so so so

    what have i bin listening to...
    Spock's beard: Snow, Octane, The Light
    Porcupine tree: in absentia, deadwing
    Oscar petersen trio: we get requests
    Marillion: Misplaced Childhood, Marbles
    Yes: Close to the Edge, 90125, relayer (i remember getting this as my first Yes download ever, and thinking it was utter trash. two months later i cant stop playing it)
    Frank Zappa: Hot Rats
    The White Stripes: white blood cells
    The moody Blues: Threshold of a dream (godamn isnt dear diary just WICKED)
    Jefferson Airplane: Bark, volunteers and After Bathing at Baxter's
    aaaand today, a friend passed me Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus. i am FLIPPING OUT as i listen through it for the first time... AMAZING stuff
    aside from this, loads of random trash i wasted my time on... including that dreadful new bad religion album (well not that dreadful, just not up to scratch)
    oh if anyone could tell me what they think about Kotzev's work, specially this rock opera, i'd appreciate it. Its a name i had never heard and its making a very impression on me...
    I remember the days when I thought 128kbps sounded great and had never spent more than 10 bucks on cables...

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    Some stuff from the previous week namely Marillion and Hawkwind and Mofro.

    Jethro Tull - Bursting Out (recent remaster)
    Mostly Autumn - The Last Bright Light
    Spock's Beard - Octane

    A nice care package from Tentoze. The Decemberist latest album that's been raved about around here. It's not bad. Kinda sorta in the same vein as Oasis. The vocals are sung with a fairly prominent British accent. Not my usual listening style but it could grow on me. Drive-By Truckers' Southern Rock Opera. DBT's ode to Lynyrd Skynyrd. It's really a great album. This band hasn't let me down yet. From Decoration Day to The Dirty South, all good music. And Jade Warrior's Last Autumn's Dream . First time hearing this band for me. Not bad. Arty rock from the early 70's. Lots of flute reminiscent of early King Crimson. The song Demon Trucker was completely out of place here though. I guess it was hit for the band but this song ruined the flow of the album and quite frankly, I didn't think it was all that good. How's their s/t debut? Worth listening?

    Thanks 'toze


    Andrew Hill - Point Of Departure. Andrew is an excellent pianist and he has surrounded himself with some great players here. Eric Dolphy, Joe Henderson, Kenny Dorham, Richard Davis and a very young Tony Williams. The music is a slighly on the avante garde side which doesn't surprise me considering the cast of players assembled here. Not bad jazz. A little "free" but not out there like some stuff can get.

    Miles Davis - In Person Friday And Saturday Nights At The Blackhawk Complete. This four cd set was recorded at the famous San Francisco Blackhawk in April of 1961. Backed by a great rhythm section with Jimmy Cobb on drums, Paul Chambers on bass and the superb Wynton Kelly on piano these nights smoke. Sets are filled with a nice mix of soft ballads and swingin' bop standards. Superb playing from my favorite tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley.

    And finally, one lone classical cd (hey, I am trying to incorporate more of this music into my listening repertoire) Beethoven's Sonatas Moonlight, Appasionata and Waldstein Vladimir Ashkenazy piano. London label. Our friend PatD said this was a must and I agree although I think he was referring to the Pathetique moreso than the Waldstein. I enjoyed this very much anyway.
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    on some faraway beach...
    Listened a few times to the last Electrelane album and made a post about it. Really looking forward to the new one.

    Got a care package from Brad that had a couple cool comps and gave them a spin. Lots of quaint 60s hippie dippie psychedelia that I like a lot

    Also included a copy of my Twilight comp that I hadn't spun in a long time and didn't have anymore so I took that for a spin and liked it a lot.

    Some Pinback and some Neon Golden and some Decemberists. Lots of odds and ends, not really much in the way of real listening.

    Just got a few discs from Jay (thanks!) yesterday but only looked at them so far.

    Just picked up some new CD-Rs last weekend so can start to pay back a few people I owe for their kindness.

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    I used to have a Severed Heads cd, sold it years ago, sorry. I'll keepa look out for ya.

    My toonage:

    Mi-Sex - Space Race/Computer Games. Killer new wave 80's stuff.

    IQ - Tales from the Lush Attic. Yum yum uh huh.

    Galahad - Sleepers

    Collage - Moonshine. Great neo-prog stuff.

    XTC - Nonsvch. Excellent XTC stuff. But of course I like them a lot anyhow.

    Also way cool is I heard today on the radio that DEVO is playing here in June! Whoo hoo!


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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody
    Kraftwerk: Autobahn
    Fantastic album that starts off a series of my favorite Kraftwerk albums, including Autobahn, Radioactvitat, and Trans-Europa Express. The 22 minute title track is classic and the whole thing flows nicely, great pulsating electronic sounds from the masters.
    Kraftwerk? Excellent! I listen to Radio-Activity often. It's my favorite because it's so laid back and moody which I find ironic. Anyhow, haven't listened to much the past 2 weeks until the weekend and yesterday when I had a little time to pull out some vinyl.

    DJ Shadow - Preemptive Strike Side 1
    Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity Side 1 (I almost always follow Preemptive Strike w/Radio-Activity for some reason)
    Beck - Mutations Side 1
    Sonic Youth - Made In USA Side 1

    I listened to some samples of some newer stuff yesterday and today and found some tracks by Death Cab for Cutie, Doves, and Arcade Fire to my liking so I think I'll be picking up some new albums soon. This place is practically my only source for new music/artists, so I appreciate all the new music gurus here.

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    In my CD carry-case today I have:

    The Pixies: Wave Of Mutilation
    Phish: 6/22/94 official release (discs 1 and 3)
    Tony Williams: Lifetime
    Pearl Jam: Rearview Mirror (disc 2)
    Mitch Hedberg: Strategic Grill Locations (RIP Mitch...we'll miss you!!!)

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    Been pulling out a lot of my old vinyl this week, now that I got a decent cartridge fitted onto my turntable again. Add to this the current contents of my desktop playlist.

    Electric Jazz, Volume 1
    Hi-Fidelity Lounge

    Jazzanova - JCR Playlist
    Stevie Nicks - The Wild Heart
    Ronald Shannon Jackson - Red Warrior
    Underworld - dubnobasswithmyheadman
    Underworld - Pearl's Girl
    Jazz In The House, Volume 11

    Brian Setzer Orchestra - Guitar Slinger
    The Fog - Been A Long Time (12" remix)
    Todd Terry - Keep On Jumpin' (12" remix)
    Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl (12" remix)
    Supertramp - Cannonball (12" 45 RPM direct-to-disc version)
    James Newton Howard & Friends (direct-to-disc version)

    Rush - Moving Pictures
    John Coltrane - Live At The Village Vanguard
    Steps Ahead - Modern Times
    Pat Metheny Group - Travels

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    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldn't Stand the Weather; satisfied my need for a blues guitar fix.
    Eliott Smith - Either/Or; Excellent modern siger-songwriter album...Stone says it's his best and I won't argue, since it's all I got, but I will get more, and let you know.
    Roy Orbison - All Time Greatest Hits; What a voice!
    Interpol - Antics; After further review I like this one better than "Bright Lights..."
    Signal to Trust - Folklore; Moth rock that's a bit of agrower.
    Wolf Parade - 4-song EP; saw these guys open for Modest Mouse, and they were great. This Ep has its moments...Isaak Brock is producing their first full-length due in September.
    Bob Marley - Catch A Fire;
    Al DiMeola - Elegant Gypsy; Yup, this guy can play.
    DiMeola, McLaughlin, Lucia - Friday Night in SF; Serious guitar album, with some seriously good sound.
    U2 - How To Dismantle...;Vertigo is a really stupid song, but the album ain't half bad.
    The Smithereens - Green Thoughts; great power-pop album from those wild & crazy 80s
    Sufjan Stevens - Greetings from Michigan; so far, I prefer Seven Swans
    Mark Lanegan Band - Bubblegum; fast becoming a favorite from '04.

    and some cds too...
    Kings of Leon - Youth and Young Manhood
    Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway
    Alejandro Escovedo - A Man Under the Influence
    Los Lobos - Kiko

    also Nobody's most great Reggae Comp, and I got, today, Davey's comps Monkey Bone and No Joy No Cover (or something like that). I'm sure they'll prove to be excellent too.
    "I don't know. A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It's a proof. A proof is a proof, and when you have a good proof, it's because it's proven." The Right Honourable JC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ex Lion Tamer
    ...and I got, today, Davey's comps Monkey Bone and No Joy No Cover (or something like that). I'm sure they'll prove to be excellent too.
    Yeah, they are both excellent. Don't let any of the goobers around here tell you otherwise either!

    Wow, I mailed those packages about 3 weeks ago. I was beginning to wonder if any of them got through besides the one to Dusty. Hope you like em, although to be perfectly frank for a moment (instead of perfectly dave) neither one of them is really quite as excellent as I may have portrayed it to be. Pretty good for sure, and better than a kick in the head, but ...

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    A little of this a little of that...

    Been spinning the following....

    Low Millions - "Ex Girlfriends" - a pretty good spin for the most part, but there's a couple of tracks that are a bit too electronica oriented for my tastes.

    Blue Merle - "Burning in the Sun" - gets better everytime i listen to it. A pretty cool and eclectic mix of instrumentation and vocal harmonizing. I love just about anything with mandolin and there's a lot of it.

    Alison Krauss and Union Station - "Lonely Runs Both Ways" - just about impossible to get too much of Alison's voice. A good album, but kind of run of the mill and nothing new or groundbreaking from what they've done before. Definitely not their best album, but still good ol' bluegrass.

    Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - "Live Art" - great live album from this banjo virtuoso.

    The Shins - "Oh Inverted World" - fell in love with a couple of their tunes featured on the soundtrack to "Garden State" and bought the album which i like just as much.

    Assembly of Dust - "The Honest Hour" - one of my favorite purchases in probably the last two years. Just a fantastic live album. For some reason it really reminds me a lot of the Band's "Last Waltz". Has a sound and vibe that sounds like that mega album. The only thing i knew about Reid Genauer is that he once fronted Strangefolk, but this and his solo stuff are amazing.

    There's been some more, but it was bluegrass and nobody cares about that so i won't waste the energy...


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    Pretty much these repeatedly:

    Also, a bit of Kiki & Herb, some Cracker, The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, and BSP.
    And the world will turn to flowing pink vapor stew.

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    Me -- Matt Elliott, Drinking Songs and Third Eye Foundation, OuMuPo, Vol. 1 -- a one-two knockout punch from my current favourite electronica artist. He really gets that "organic" sound -- makes it sound like one holistic recording. "The Maid We Messed" continues to blow my mind, in the same way that "Download" (by Skinny Puppy) impressed me on the first million listens. It just captures that pressure-cooker-about-to-blow energy.

    Also went on a bit of a Rachel's rampage. Dang, they do get experimental, don't they? Except for maybe the first album (Handwriting -- at least, that's the first thing I have by them).

    Also been listening to Android Lust, Lhasa, and Supersystem a lot.

    Hey Stone -- thanks for bringing up Okkervil River, I've been trying to remember who did that cover (of the previous album). They do have some pretty cool album covers, don't they?

    Jim -- Dang, I really need to get this package out to you. Sorry. Perhaps some Beborn Beton to lessen the sting? I also have a couple other things I think you'll like.
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    I remain,
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    I'm listening to my favorite songs right now, and I can;'t believe it they're love songs. Why'd it have to go down like this I don't know. I've moved away from hardcore rap, metal, and can't belive I'm sayin this. Seriously anything slow...whitney, mariah, amy sky, corey hart, etc. Now I'm loving love songs all the's wierd to be like this but those music are to me uncomparable in light and beauty...well the ones I like, not just any song off the radio....craig david has a couple good songs. Anyways the list goes on. Enjoy the...(slow) tunes!

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    I'm a Cool Rocking Daddy in the U.K.
    How do you guys fit in so much listening, don't you sleep?

    I have had 30 minutes of home stereo listening and a few hours of car stereo listening in the last week.

    At home I listened to;

    Teenage Fan Club - Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-Six Seconds: A Short Cut to Teenage Fanclub. I wasn't a huge fan but got this one just out of interest. They got a nice 60's feel to them and I've just realised i saw them a few years ago supporting The Beautiful South.

    In the car I listened to;

    Marillion - Script for a Jesters Tear and Fugazi. I played these 2 so much when I was younger that even now I know almost all of the words.

    Moby - Play. There were so many adverts featuring tracks from this album that after about a year on release I couldn't avoid buying it any longer. I give it an occasional spin but it's actually quite depressing.

    Relish - Wildflowers. I believe that this band is an Irish 3 piece who play very listenable guitar oriented rock with a poppy flavour. This is a good album and don't let the next fact put you off; One of the albums tracks (Rainbow Zephyr) was actually covered by the Irish boy band Westlife as Hey, Whatever.

    The Tories - Upsideofdown. This is another guitar rock album with a very music (almost pop) flavour to it. I don't know anything about the group but this album is up there with Powderfingers Odyssey Number 5 as one of the best and most listenable of this style.

    That's all I had time for I'm afraid.

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    good week

    Porky Tree -- DEADWING
    IQ -- 7th HOUSE
    Dream Theater -- 6DOIT (delicious stuff)
    Boston -- S/T
    Kansas -- MASQUE
    Troy -- NO SOLOS (getting my taste of Bozzio's feel & flavor)
    Troy -- ATOM (a tune that I will attempt to improve upon next week)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davey
    Wow, I mailed those packages about 3 weeks ago.
    Cross border mail is reeeeeeeeeal slow these days, I've noticed. It took almost six weeks for a package from Finchy to reach me. And about 3 or 4 weeks for stuff that I sent to Finchy and Troy to reach them. Dave, did you ever get the stuff that I sent you? I mailed it the same time that I mailed the stuff to FP and Troy.

    Quote Originally Posted by tugmcmartin
    The Shins - "Oh Inverted World" - fell in love with a couple of their tunes featured on the soundtrack to "Garden State" and bought the album which i like just as much.
    I'm seeing The Shins live on Sunday night. I can't wait!!!

    Listens for this week include:
    The Zutons - Who Killed...The Zutons.
    The Shins - Oh, Inverted World and Chutes Too Narrow
    Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
    Rheostatics - 2067 - I guess that I like this one more than Troy, but I'll agree that it isn't Whale Music.
    Pinback - Summer in Abaddon - what exactly is "Abaddon" anyway?
    Ray LaMontagne - Trouble - The more that I listen to this, the more I like it. Quickly becoming a favourite.

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