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    Hey Nobody just wanted to say thanks for the HF discs they came through yesterday, of the three I think Singing Bones is my favourite but they are all good. I particularly like it when they have their darker moments with their twisted lyrics and minimal sound, and that more than makes up for the bits I'm not too keen on when just now and then they go a shade too country for my liking.

    What a fantastic sound too with a huge great wall of vocals sat between the speakers. I read somewhere they are a husband and wife team and from pictures I've seen they look like the goth geeks of alt country. In fact they look just like they sound. I can't remember what I sent you but I hope your'e enjoying it as much as I am this.


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    Absolutely enjoying your stuff, especially the Martina and Zero 7. And, that Black Eyed Peas disc does really seem to be one that kinda slipped through without as much attention as it may have deserved, really interesting, eclectic mix that somehow remains poppy and listenable.

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