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Thread: New Luka Bloom

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    New Luka Bloom

    I don't think I've ever heard a rec by this guy...this reminds me of Leonard Cohen as much as anything I think I've heard. Is that the sort of thing he's known for? This is a very nice, very pretty, very sedate record which'll be out in a couple of weeks. Actually there's a sticker here that says something about 'nine songs for insomniacs,' and 'acoustic chill-out music for the soul...' Yep, this could sure put a person to sleep. But that's not a harsh criticism. Although I've been known to put Minor Threat on while going to sleep, this is definitely more the type of thing you want...when you're getting sleepy...zzz...

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    You should check out his 1990 debut - "Riverside" - it's a terrific album. I agree with the Leonard Cohen comparison but would also throw in elements of Elliot Smith and Vic Chestnutt - while none of the songs on Riverside "rock" - there are some upbeat, almost giddy songs (Delirious, An Irishman in Chinatown, Over The Moon) to go with some fairly somber songs (Gone to Pablo) - a nice mix of tunes.

    I originally picked up the album because I had enjoyed his live (and free) sets at the Continential Divide in NYC (before it went aggressive suburban hardcore) in the mid/late 80's.

    I guess I should check out the new album.

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    I have his 1992 release "The Acoustic Motorbike"...

    and I can't say he reminded me of Leonard Cohen. I haven't listened to this for some time, so your post has prompted me to dig it out of my cd cases. The mood of this is certainly mellow, but I don't think it would induce sleep. Pick of the litter? "I Need Love", a nice cover of an LL Cool J song. I never heard the original, so I don't know how it compares, I just know that I like it. He also does a fairly decent version of " Can't Help Falling in Love" on it.

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