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    Need Mp3 / Cell phone Help

    Hello, I just got a Sony-Ericsson S710a Cel phone and want to make my own Ringtones out of my existing CD's, the phone has a mini Memory stick, which I can down load onto from my computer and then insert it into the phone (for Mp3s and other formats)

    But I need to know how I can trim down a songs length to be able to use it on my phone?

    most Ringtones are like 20 seconds or so...

    (I have both Mac and PC)

    can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

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    For Mac:

    Grab a copy of the freeware "Audacity" from cnet. It's a simple, intuitive audio editor and you can easily clip segments of songs with it.

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    Thanks Troy, but it does also work with windows, I downloaded it last night and made two Ringtones last night.

    1. The guitar solor near the opening of New Dawn Fades by Joy Division
    2. the beginning of Uncertain Smile by The The

    no more buying Ringtones at $2.50 a pop...

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