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    my latest infatuation: Gainsbourg & Birkin

    Wow, I love this:

    "Je T' non plus" What a beautiful melody and so risque with Jane Birkin's breathy sighs.
    A little research turns out that when Serge Gainsbourg released this in 1968 it was banned in many countries and condemned by the Vatican.
    He had originally recorded this with Bridgette Bardot whose husband refused it to be released, (subsequently available in 1986). So Serge recorded it with gal pal Jane Birkin.

    (how do you post a photo?)

    Turns out Serge was a cad and totally outrageous.
    He wrote "Les Sucettes" for teen singer France Gall. She thought she was singing about enjoying lollipops. When she found out that it had another meaning she refused to work with Serge again. Check the video: Times were more innocent for her not to get the double-entendre.

    Then there was the time Serge tells Whitney Houston what is really on his mind in front of a tv audience:
    wow! Serge looks pretty trashed.

    anyway, he was a musical genius regardless of his brashness.
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    Awesome. Meant to post sooner, of course. The Whitney Houston clip I've heard about for years but never had seen.

    A friend who got married a few years ago used Je T'aime as the 'first dance'

    THAT was interesting.

    The Philips collections from 10 years ago rule. Comic Strip, Couleur Cafe, and the jazz one as well.

    I don't like others.

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    J hooked my up with Comic Strip and truth be told I never got into it at all. At the time is was making the rounds on everyone's "essential" list so I felt pretty comfortable knowing it was there just in case I had to verify that all my discs weren't total crap.

    "Ahh, cartoons! America's only native art form. I don't count jazz 'cuz it sucks"- Bartholomew J. Simpson

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