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    Music Vault....


    Here is a super challenging question....

    If we had to bury a vault that contained the greatest works of music ever written or recorded that speak represent man's accomplishment though music from any composer/artists/band of all time what would the vault consist of? The limit is you can pick 10 selections. For example: Beethoven's 9th Symphony counts as one piece.

    So with 10 selections what would you pick and why.

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    [s]Whatever Slosh's last 10 comps were.[/s]

    EDIT: Slosh's last 6 comps and the first 4 Ramones LPs.

    RE-EDIT: Apparently there's no strikethrough in bbCode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rae
    Whatever Slosh's last 10 comps were.

    EDIT: Slosh's last 6 comps and the first 4 Ramones LPs.

    RE-EDIT: Apparently there's no strikethrough in bbCode.

    What? Does patronizing really work?
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    Bach, Mozart, Beethoven

    I'll stick to the three greatest composers; J. S. Bach, W. F. Mozart, and L. van Beethoven and pick some of their greatest works. There are others works by them that might do just as well as some. If I could include cycles, I would put in Wagner's Ring.

    You ask why, so my reason is that they are some of the greatest works by the greatest composers. They are not necessarily my favorite works, as the greatest works are not always my favorites.


    B-minor Mass
    St. Matthew Passion
    Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor


    Don Giovanni
    Symphony No. 41


    Symphony No. 3
    Symphony No. 9
    String Quartet No. 14
    Piano Sonata No. 29
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    That's too hard.

    I think I'll wait for the multiple choice exam.

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