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    Music of New Orleans?

    First off, I'm sure I speak for our entire little music loving communitiy here in wishing our best thoughts to those people affecetd by what's going on there.

    A local radio station here in the Philly area (WXPN) is paying musical tribute to the music of New Orleans all day today. What I've heard so far has been great, unfortunately that was limited to a few minutes in my car this morning and at lunch. During that time I heard some Fats Domino, Neville Brothers, Arlo Guthrie & the original version of song that I always thought was a CCR song (if I remember the song or artist I'll edit this).
    DJ at the station made a good point as to how important music is to New Orleans and how music will likely play a big part in helping restore the area.
    Anyhow, I thought I'd start a "music of New Orleans" thread here and get some input from everyone. You know, just post some artists or songs that have a N.O. connection.


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    Dr. John, Johnny Adams, Subdudes, Zachary Richard, Professor Longhair, Etta James, Alex Chilton, Clifton Chenier, Beausoleis, Doc Pomus, and a bunch more..........
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    I was watching Baby Doll the other night and heard the song "Baby Please Don't Go (down to New Orleans)". It was being performed on screen with only harmonica and foot stompin' for the beat.

    This is the same song recorded by Them (early Van Morrison). It was also recorded by Muddy Waters and a few other blues singers.

    P.S. - Newtrix1, this would be a good topic for films on the favorite films board, too.

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