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    Lovers of the Bass Voice - Attention.

    As a Bass Voice fan I'm familiar with Southern Gospel Quartet music, Russian Orthodox Male Chorus and individuals like Larry Hooper of the old Lawrence Welk Show. Just wondered if there were singers or types of music out there that I had missed. Also a question. Did Larry Hooper ever have an LP out & is it still available somewhere?

    On a different topic. Anyone out there have a copy of Ken Burn's Mark Twain (as shown on PBS)? If you do, what is the name of the group singing (I think) "Do Lord" as background music? Loved the sound & would like to know if they have other recordings available.



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    You need to discover some a capella groups like The Bobs, Rockapella, The Nylons, The Flying Picketts. The quartets usually have one good baritone. Don't remember if Manhatten Transfer have a good baritone.

    Also, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Baritone heaven.
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