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    Los Lonely Boys music featured on "Joan of Arcadia"

    Last nigh while watching my favorite TV show, Joan of Arcadia, they used one of Los Lonely Boys best tunes for backround music. I was floored on the second note of the song as I knew exactly what it was. Twice they used the intro and first minute of the song "Heaven".

    For those that are not familiar with this show, it is one of the only shows on TV with a positive message. I'm sure alot of people think it is a Bible Banger show, but it's not. Although Joan talks to God in every show, he appears as any normal person on the street would appear. I guess thats why Joan Osborne's "What if God Were One of Us" is the main theme song for the show. Also in last nights episode was a spiritual song by Cindy Lauper that I was not at all familiar with but was good.

    For those of you with children who would like thier kids to get a good message about life, it's complications, and the fact that God (in whatever form you believe him to be) is giving us positive spiritual messages and the choice to do the right thing all the time, I highly recomend you give this show a chance. Although God is in every show, there is no mention of any particular religion. That is the main reason I love this show as I consider myself to be Spiritual and not Religious.

    In todays wacked out world where slaughter is the norm and most kids today think that the dead people just come back to life when the New Game button is pressed, we can use as many examples of good(god) that we can find.

    NP: Los Lonely Boys

    Have a nice weekend all,

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    Brian - I'll be catching Los Lonely Boys when they are in town next month for a 3-day music festival. I can't wait. Also going to watch the Decemberists at the same festival.

    And before then, we are having a free Fabulous Thunderbirds concert here in my little town as part of a city festival.

    I'm pumped already.


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