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    The King is Dead: 30 years ago.

    Everyone is talking about THE KING these days with the anniversary of the Legends unfortunate death in 1977 at the young age of 42. Here's a question:

    What is the best recording to date of Elvis? I am talking about quality-wise....that DVD-Audio released a few years ago of his Hits was a disaster!

    One of my favorite live performances...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeruvianSkies
    What is the best recording to date of Elvis?
    That is an easy one:

    If Elvis was the King, Ricky was the Crown Prince.

    Seriously though, IMHO Live Elvis is better than Studio Elvis:

    Sixty Eight Comeback Special and and Aloha from Hawaii both have special edition DVDs. I've only seen the Comeback Special and it wasn't on my system. But the two concerts are a good set of bookends. 68 Special is stripped down with just Elvis and the boys, where Hawaii is the full Jumpsuit with the giant band.
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    Elvis is not dead son,he just went home.

    Sorry i just watched MIB.


    ps--Long live the king!!!!
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    I have about 10 Vinyl albums of Elvis, despite not having a TT. I am a big fan of The King and decided in lieu of the 30th anniversary to spin HEART AND SOUL CD, which I have not listened to in quite some time, certainly not since I've really become involved with higher quality sound, and more specifically 2-channel dedicated playback. Anyway, I was surprised to find this CD had some decent recording quality.

    The recording is quite clean, with some nice fidelity, especially in the bottom end.

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    then get a tt
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    Big Elvis fan here as well.

    Sound quality wise, if you can rustle up a copy of Elvis: 24 Karat Hits! which was put out on DCC and remastered by Steve Hoffman, that's about as good as you're gonna get for sound quality of his hits. (Sadly its out of print and usually copies go for some pretty big bucks, let me know if you want a hand getting a copy.) For his Sun stuff, there is a readily available collection, both CD and vinyl, called Elvis at Sun that just came out maybe a couple years ago that is really good where they spent a lot of time cleaning up the sound. They even searched out and compared master tapes to make sure they were using the best available.

    Round those two out with a copy of From Elvis In Memphis and perhaps a live recording (pick your preferred era) and I'd say you'd be set up with a very nice Elvis collection that's gonna satisfy all but the hardcore fans.

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