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    katy Perry overtakes Michael Jackson for most #1 off one album

    Katy Perry's Teenage Dream is now tied with Michael Jackson's Bad for most #1 hits from a single album. With the release of Katy Perry's newest single, The one that got away, which is expected to hit #1, she will hold the outright lead.
    That's 6 number ones off one album, which by the way, smells like cotton candy. ( Not Kidding )
    She has released a "music video teaser" for her upcoming music video like it was a movie. It is schedule to be released 11/11/11.

    I have to say I do like her, but never expected to see this... If you can look back on your music career and say your album was more seccessful that M.J.'s Bad, that's really saying something

    So the question is, Who's Bad?
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    I prefer listening to Perry more than Michael Jackson - not that that's saying a whole lot mind you. I never liked MJ. I respected his talent as a pop star but his voice always annoyed me.

    Perry's California Gurls screams bubble-gum pop and I have no problem with that. I think the video didn't hurt that song making number 1 either

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    I thought it was supposed to smell like bubblegum. Dubble Bubble to be exact. I get the sense that Perry doesn't take herself too serious. She knows she's a poptart. With a 16yr old daughter in the house, music like this is inescapable. At least Perry's voice isn't as paint-peeling as Spears.
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