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    JC's Non Compos Mentis // a sort of review

    I can't even remember getting this comp. I found it in my garage today and I've played twice already. VERY GOOD!! At least from track 7 on...track 1 is good, but I found myself getting fatigued after track 6. I was just about ready to hit the eject button when Good Sh!tte came on, and then the comp takes off from there. Hey 10 good tracks out of 16 is good for someone else's comp, IMO. I am wondering what time frame these groups are from, since some of these sound like they were dubbed from LP. Not that that's a detractor or anything. I like it, and it fit in perfect with my day. Thanks JC, and sorry it took me so long to play it and get back to you.

    BTW: Did you do the cover art?

    Thanks again,

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